Monday, 20 December 2010

Blog Swap 2011: 3) Scam my way on the radio

I decided to participate in this years Blog Swap, which will be only the second time someone else has wrote something on my blog.

This post was created, lovingly, by Angela Kase over at so check her blog out. At some point today there may even be a post by me on there.

3) Scam my way on the radio

I’m not saying I’m an expert of Andy’s list but I achieved number three in middle school.

When I was in 7th grade I had a best friend named Stephanie Tassman. She brought me out of the trenches of loser-dom back in the 4th grade so I pretty much owed my life to her. She invited me to her youth group, she introduced me to boys, she helped me make friends. Finally, I had an ally in the world and my life was changed forever. I was no longer a loner. Somewhere around the 7th grade, things changed for us. We were no longer in the same class or group of classes. I never saw her.

At that time, though I was no longer the most unpopular kid in school, it was still socially acceptable and even preferable to make fun of me. I was still pretty low on the totem pole. Stephanie took this separation opportunity to betray me. It was purely a popularity move. She pointed, she laughed, she huddled with her new friends to talk about my long stringy hair, my anorexic-like body structure and just how darn annoying I was.

I was pissed. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

“Hello Y102, what’s your name?”

Me: “Hi, my name is Stephanie Tassman”.

“Hi Stephanie, what would you like to hear”

Me: “I want to dedicate a song to my love Ryan Walker.”

“Ok what would you…?”

Me: “I just love him so much. He means the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without him. I’m not sure what song but I want it to be telling me how much I care about him”

“Wow, this guys’ got it made. I’ll be sure to play a song that represents your love for him”.

Me: “Thanks so much”.

The next day at school I found out Stephanie was not listening to Y102 that afternoon because she was at cheerleading practice. But Ryan Walker just happened to be tuned in.

Of course I played it dumb at school. I was all like “how could she do that?” only to be met with “Angela, everyone knows it was you”. I had been so hyped up about exposing Steph’s long-time crush and dedicate “her” love to him on the most popular radio station in town that I had forgotten to take reasonable measures to disguise my voice. What do you expect? I was just a kid!

At lunchtime Stephanie approached my lunch table and started screaming at me, throwing death threats and some four letter words my way, but the damage was done. Her crush was exposed and my revenge was complete.

Today I look back and remember that questionable move with a little embarrassment. When you achieve an incident found on the 100+ Things to Do List, it’s not something you’ll soon forget…especially since I have it all on tape. At least I had the sense to do that.

That is pretty epic revenge if you ask me!


  1. This is Epic! I wish i could have been this revengeful in the 7th grade. I had some bitches that had it coming to them.

  2. that is hilarious. Remind me to either a) never mess wit hyou or b) never tell you who my secret love is.

  3. This is awesome...haha I wish I had been that creative in 7th grade!

  4. remind me never to ever tell anyone that i have a secret crush.

  5. Nice work!

    Can't believe you got through to the radio though- I never have any luck with that!

    Fun blog swap!


  6. Thanks for your comments everyone! That's more than I get on my blog:) You all must be superb readers.