Friday, 10 December 2010

"I'll crush ya car"

My very first ever blog post was my New Years Resolutions, one of which was:

13) Have less tolerance for people pissing me off.

Today, while driving back from work, I got in a bit of a mishap with another driver. The route in which I take home involves you having to almost blindly pull out into a three lane road, blocking the first lane while you frantically try and get into the second lane (as the first is for left only turns). Most drivers know this, and most quickly let you in.

This driver wasn't most drivers... as I went to pull in a two-car space he quickly sped  up to stop me. Already being mostly in, and not wanting to cause more of a queue behind me, I carried on in. Then he flashed his blue lights. It was an effing unmarked police car.

He pulled up alongside me, rolled down his window, and started having a shout at me, ending with "I will crush your car". Big mistake. Not wanting to antagonise him where he can pull me over and give me a ticket, I smiled and drove on, but still remembering my New Years Resolution.

When I got home, I promptly called the police, complaining about the threatening behaviour of the officer, and that people who are employed to serve and protect the public shouldn't shout immature threats from their car window. I gave them the time, the road, and most importantly the car registration.

I was phoned back shortly after, by a high up police woman who said she would call the man in question, and in her words "give him a kick up the backside" as "regardless of whether he has had a bad day, he shouldn't act like that". She also said to make more of an issue she will contact his sergeant and get him to tell the nasty man off too.

I'm not against the police, but I can see why some people are when you get ones like that... but the people I spoke to after seemed really nice.

So... Me 2, Police Man 1.


  1. I still have the registration of the nasty driver that tried to kill me en route to you scraped into my hand.

    Give me this policeman's number. I shall go and sort him out for you. <3

  2. LOL, I thought your tweet was a joke, i got stop and searched before, they where supposed to give me a ticket explaining why I had been stopped and searched but did they fuck. Quite a few time I’ve seen flashing lights suddenly appear in my rear view mirror and shit it, but luckily they just drive right by.

  3. Wow, that cop was way out of line. I'm glad you called him out on that nonsense. He gives cops a bad name

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