Monday, 6 December 2010

Not a Good Morning!


For starters.. I woke up too late to have a shower, or get any food for dinner. I left the house, forgetting my wallet, and went to get into my car, to find the door frozen shut and the windows entirely frosted both inside and outside. To top it off, my car was blocked in, apart from a Cougar shaped opening to get out of.

I had to get Melissa out of bed, in her dressing gown, to help guide me out.

I also had no defroster or scraper, so all I could do is pour hot water on as I was already late... which didn't at all help for the inside of the car, which as you can see, made it so I could see little-to-nothing of the 3.5 mile journey to work. Highlights of the journey being driving blind around ever corner, and nearly scratching all the side of my car going up the spiral thing in the car park.

Anyway, rant over. 

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