Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years 2011 Resolutions

It's time to do this years New Years Resolutions. Not quite as many as last year, as I need to focus more on some important ones.

1) Continue boxing. Improve on weaknesses and become a much better boxer than I am now.

2) Cook something for my 100+ Things To Do Cookbook once a month.

3) Become a better programmer and create a website.

4) Sort out those damn finances.

5) Cycle 50 miles.

6) Meet up with more friends that I don't see as often.

7) Arrange more fun things to do, so I spend less time just sitting in my room.

8) Cross 5 things off the 100+ Things To Do List.

9) Save for a mortgage.


  1. Coughdressescough..

    ..or shoes.

  2. The last one is too grown up! I can't even think about stuff like that without feeling a bit sick... And I'm 24 in 3 weeks.

  3. Gooooood luck and a happy new year!! I haven't written my resolutions yet- I will do it today sometime! #4 eeek. I majored in accounting so it should be my strong point! But it's sadly not. :P

  4. its that time years resolutions! good luck!

  5. Sort out finances...sounds like the best time ever! :)