Thursday, 6 January 2011

6 Things Added to the 100+ Things To Do List

While talking to my boss, Jon, a viewer of many different sporting events and experiences, I realised that I haven't really had many any. I was impressed by his stories of diving into two feet of snow out of the way of a Car Rally driver, betting £10 on horse racing only to be upstaged by a man placing £5000, and being around thousands of rowdy fans at a golf match. So, I have been inspired to add new things to my 100+ Things To Do List.

The items are as follows:

120) Go to a horse race, and leave with £5 profit
121) Watch a proper Rugby game
122) Watch a Cricket test match, or Twenty20 in Edgbaston
123) Watch a Golf major tournament or Ryder Cup
124) Watch a Car Rally (Wales Rally GB maybe)
125) Watch a F1 British GP race

Maybe then I may have some equally interesting story one day.


  1. That whole list was so foreign. "Watch a proper Rugby game."

    Anyhow, that's a whole lot of stuff to do man. Good luck!


  2. 121) I'd suggest the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff over Twickenham. Both host internationals, but the transport links are much better in Cardiff.

    122) Please let me come!

    124) Actually being at a rally is very boring, so the Welsh stage is probably best since it's cheap to get to!

    125) Let me come to that as well please :-)

  3. haha here is my problem.

    i need you to start converting the lbs to $ for me.


    Love me lots,


    P.s. i laughed out loud at the horse race one. thats just so...perfect. i mean, why not?

  4. My man loves f1 racing and cant wait til the end of March when the season starts again.

  5. you sure do want to watch a lot of things! LOL.

  6. Hello, I finally found time to check out your blog. :) I totally support you at #125 since I'm a huge F1 fan and I watch every race.

  7. It's an impressive list Andy, I might have to take some fun-spiration from it!

  8. You're welcome for the Edgbaston idea, seeing as you didn't realise you were so close to it! ;)