Friday, 28 January 2011

January 2011 Boxing... I got punched

I thought I'd post a boxing video, since I haven't in a while. This is the last 30 seconds with me and a guy called Dan (who I think is really good). Part way through he draws me in, sits back, and then hits me as I attempt to counter punch.

I am in black and red.

So, must keep my left hand higher, and straighten out my punches.

I still might be having my next fight on March the 19th.


  1. Sorry Andy - but nice one Dan!

  2. Dayum. Practice makes perfect Andy! You need a lot of practice. lolol jpjp

  3. I thought you were really good! This was rather exciting :)

  4. I'm so freaking bad at sports. i don't know if your good or not, cause I have nothing to compare to. haha But believe if it was my sister speaking she would think that you were bad... not because you might actually is but because she compares every single sport to Ultimate fighting... so if there isn't any broken legs or blood then you ain't good enough.. sorry. so so much rambeling.
    It seems like you did a gerat job though (: hope your okay!


  5. I know I'm biased but I thought you looked better :)

  6. Wow, I'm always impressed with people who can box. I hope your next fight goes well. I bet that's a lot of training =p


  7. That music would put me in the ZONE. Y'know... if I weren't too afraid of getting punched in the face and all.