Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Captain Vestman Gypsy Spotted

I got a text message from a friend last night saying he had seen a gypsy wearing my vest on TV, along with a picture. It is pretty special.

It looks like the Vestman Craze is taking over, with people from all walks of life wearing the vest in pride.

The program it was from is a UK program called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". I won't talk much about it, but you really, really should watch this clip. I can't embed it, sadly, but it shows the way of life for gypsys, and their courting methods, which involve grabbing a young woman (any older than 22 aren't worth it) and literally dragging her back to their caravan.


  1. OMG!That was rough... How do they get away with man-handling girls like that?!

  2. It is mad, but completely accepted in their culture.

  3. Ever see the show the Riches? Well it was about gypsies, it was fascinating. So fascinating it got cancelled in season 2

  4. Oh, hell no. You know, I think if I saw that, I'd be kicking some Gypsy ass, haha.
    But it IS thier culture, as messed as it is. I guess I'll just go beat my husband now, since I'm officially mad at men...

  5. Really? My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? In the U.S. we have My Big Fat Greek you guys have that too?

  6. @Penny- Do you have many gypsys? I haven't seen it, though I haven't seen this one, only clips.

    @Angela- Wasn't the Big Fat Greek Wedding a film?

    @Stephanie- I wouldn't know what to do if I saw them dragging them around. I suppose you have to leave them to it, but it's weird...

  7. Wow... dragging a girl into the caravan made me giggle.

    But that is terrible.

    Still funny though.

  8. Andy,

    the (awesomest) illustration on your banner - is that yours? Did you make it? It's AMAZING



  9. New here. Not sure I have ever seen a "gypsy".
    and I must be out of style or old cause I dont know anything about any vests. : (


  10. Ah hahahahahahaha! I'll admit, that programme is my new guilty pleasure. I was so disappointed when I missed it this week, but a whole load of "lovely" ladies came into my off licence today dressed in their wedding attire. I'll be blogging about it tomorrow!

    And by the way, I'm having a lil giveaway over on my blog at the moment, feel free to enter one and all!


  11. This sounds so interesting, man we dont get good shows over here! Lol :)

  12. Please Andy. I know there's a girl or two you wish you could drag into a caravan... :)