Friday, 18 February 2011

FFFF: The Grand Final

The FFFF everyone has been waiting for. What everything has came down to. The Famous Fit Female Friday Ultimate Winner.

Here is every winner, back from over a year ago. Vote wisely.

Arianny Celeste (22nd Jan, 2010)

Megan Fox (22nd Jan, 2010)

Roxanne Pallett (29th Jan, 2010)

Heidi Klum (5th Feb, 2010)

Megan Gale (12th Feb, 2010)

Kim Cattrall (19th Feb, 2010)

Kayleigh Pearson (26th Feb, 2010)

Allison Stokke (5th March, 2010)

Zooey Deschanel (12th March, 2010)

Elisabetta Canalis (19th March, 2010)

Miranda Kerr (23rd Dec, 2010)

Elisha Cuthbert (18th Feb, 2011)

Pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The person scoring the most points will be crowned the ultimate winner of FFFF.


  1. 1st - Elisha Cuthbert

    2nd - Zooey Deschenal

    3rd - Allison Stoke (because athletes are pretty sexy)

    Why is Kim Cattrell on this list? Ew.

  2. 1. Arianny
    2. Roxanne
    3. Allison