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Blog Archive: Lost in 24 Hours. The Jack Bauer way. [12th March 2007]

The product of a very boring uni lecture. Lost can do without a lot of the crap that it puts in as filler. Jack Bauer wouldnt let the writers slack.

08:00 - 09:00:
Mid flight, Jack Bauer and Jack Docter get in an argument about who is the better Jack. Jack Bauer throws him out of the placne. Plane crashes, Jack Bauer saves everyones life and makes sure to get the signal reciever off the plane before he jumps out into the water. The fast thinking means the device isnt broken. They set off into the jungle to mark ground. Sensing that Locke has seen something bad, Jack makes a rule that everybody must tell everybody else what has happened. Sawyer starts ranting on about killing a polar bear.

09:00 - 10:00:
Food starts running low. Locke hunts. Jack is confused as to why there is a mysterious monster, which he knows looks like black smoke because Locke told everybody. Realising the Marshall isnt going to live, Sawyer shoots him. Jack takes his emergancy medicine out of his survival pocket and gives it to anyone who needs it. Jacks keen eye realises that one of the people wasnt on the plane and is pretending to be a survivor. Jack throws him off the cliff, then looks through his wallet and finds out hes one of the 'others'.

10:00 - 11:00:
Walt is hunting with Locke when a beast starts going after them. Jack dropkicks the beast and sends him on his way. With Jin, Jacks second in command, SWAT trained officer, they set off into the jungle looking for the Others. Meanwhile, a raft is being built, which gets set on fire by Sun, because she wanted to see Hurley run and get water. Jack and Jin find mysterious hatch. Realising how important it must be, they tell the rest of the group, who work together to get it open.

11:00 - 12:00:
Sun tells a sweaty, but lovable Hurley that the raft she set on fire was a fake one, and that the one that was being made was around the corner. Jack appoints Jin, Sawyer and Michael to set about exploring on it, while he and Locke open the hatch. The boat is attacked by the others, and destroyed. Michaels son, who sneaked on the boat, was sadly killed in the gunfight which followed. Meanwhile, Jack and Locke try to open the hatch using explosions. Locke gets dragged away by the black smoke monster, who runs off when he sees Jack running at him. They blow up the hatch, and look down it.

12:00 - 13:00:
Episode starts showing an unknown man walking around. He puts on a CD, which has a song with a continuas loop of the CTU ring tone. The man hears the explosion and is confused and gets ready to shoot whoever is there. Upon seeing Jack Bauer, the man immediatly lowers his gun, and crys, explaining that Jack is his 'brother'. Jack has no idea who the man is. Michael, Sawyer and Jin wake up on another beach, and immediatly gets knocked out by President Palmer, who also landed on the island. He explains that he thought they were the others, and said about the problems he has had with them. Michael moans about 'his boy'. President Palmer, Sawyer, Jin and Michael return to the main camp, in time to hear Jacks story about the hatch. Realisng that they havnt actually added anything to the story, Jack shoots Boone, and Shannon runs off into the jungle. Another gun shot is heard. She comes walking out saying 'Others'.

13:00 - 14:00:
Michael runs off into the jungle, shouting 'my boy', hoping to take revenge on the others. Jack, Locke and Kate goes after him, and encounter the Others, who say they are going to kill them if they go into the jungle again. Having none of this, Jack shoots the main guy with a beard, they run out of the jungle, knowing a war has started. Locke, who has been studying the hatch, trys to learn more about it. Jacks 'brother' Desmond tells him he must type in certain numbers every 10 minutes. Desomnd then runs out into the jungle to hide.

Ps. Dont cry if this has been done before.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
This was when I started watching 24, after finishing watching Season 1 of Lost. Having got used to how people don't tell each other anything in Lost, I appreciated the 'no nonsense' approach to things Jack Bauer took.

If you haven't watched Lost or 24 then you probably felt like you wasted part of your life reading this. And that would be true.

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