Sunday, 23 May 2010

Me and My Dad

Today I was talking to my dad about moving out (I was going to save announcing this until I had pictures and stuff, so ignore this statement). I said I needed to buy some socks (for the last 4 years I have stole his socks), and he said not to, because he had bought me some. I went to his room, and he had a bag of socks. He had gone to Merry Hill on the bus just with cash, bought the socks, but ended up spending too much, and not leaving himself with bus fare to get back.. meaning he had to walk 6 miles home.

We got talking about things, mainly my grandad, who turned 90 earlier this week. He was saying how he is struggling to walk places at all now, and is starting to make a lot of noise when he breathes, and is often found on the floor after falling over and not being able to get up. I could tell my dad was finding it kind of hard to talk about, but still wanted to. A lot like how I am with things.

I realised how much I am like my dad when we were lying on the bed talking. He was saying about how quickly time goes now. How one moment you are 40, then 50, then looking at retirement. I could tell the weakening of my grandad is really effecting him, but, like me, he tries to avoid showing these kind of emotions. I said about how I feel like the last few years have gone so quickly, and how I am now one of the older people in the places I like to go.

He told me he was looking out the window and remembered moving into our house 23 years ago and our garden being full of thorns. He remembered how my grandad, even though he would still be quite old then, used to come down while my dad was at work and trim the bushes so we didn't get caught on the thorns. This must be where my dad gets his personality from. He is forever quietly doing things to help me, tidying my room while I am out, checking my car oil and tyres, and is always there when I need him, even if I am stranded somewhere, he wouldn't think twice about getting in the car to pick me up, drunk, in the middle of the night.

I don't tell him enough, but I really do appreciate everything he does for me, and would be thankful to be half the person he is. I hope he realises.

I don't like to write emotional posts, but I think this deserved it, as it is something I want to remember.


  1. my dad is one of those dads. he does things, and i don't think people appreciate or realise just how much he does, that people don't see, or that thye have become such a normal thing to do that they have forgotten someone actually has to do it. hes not big on talking about things either. i think it must be a man/dad thing.
    i think i'd be lost without my dad

  2. I love this post Andy!

    Its nice to do an emotional post every now and then. (But a bit heavy if its constant)

  3. holla andy!
    i do feel same for my dad. but i've never told him.

  4. I like your dad :) I guess thats where you get your superheroness from