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Blog Archive: "From now on, lets not try and rob my car" [16th February 2007]

I think this called for a facebook note :P

Last night, at around 1:00am, we heard some bangs outside. As usual, I dont properly register them, but Tara looked, and said "oh my god!!"... my first thoughts were (and i have NO idea why...) that there were foxes, on top of my car, fighting. Turns out it wasnt. Some chavvy little fuckers were trying to steal my car!! We ran outside, and they ran off...

Somehow, they had bent the frame, and fucked the steering lock, and tried to move the car, but couldnt control it, so it rolled off down the road a bit.

After eventually fitting my key in the ignition (which is also fucked), I drove after them, but couldnt find them... I did see a guy franticly waving at me, and I had no idea why... turns out my lights wernt on.

Anyways. So... from now on, can we please not steal my car.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
This story continues. The little bastards. For the American readers.. chavs are people who don't have jobs, and stand around drinking cheap cider in the afternoon.

The next day the police came over. They were actually really nice and helpful. Keep reading to see how this whole episode turned out.

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  1. aw man that sucks... hope everything works out