Friday, 28 May 2010

My last night at home

Tonight is my last night at home. I haven't said much about it, but I am moving out of my home with my parents (for the first time ever), to a few miles down the road. The new house I will be living in has 6 bedrooms, 5 of them currently occupied by 3 girls and 2 guys, all around my age, and all graduates.

My mom hasn't taken it so well. For the last few weeks she has seemed quite short tempered with me, and fitting in the line "I won't have to put up with this when you are gone" at every opportunity. I know she will miss me a lot really, and with me being the last one to move out I think she is quite upset. She seems to think I am doing it to get rid of them, but really it is just because I have never lived with people my own age before and would like to try it before it is too late (and I settle down with a mortgage and stuff).

I am a bit nervous, but I think it will be fine. I currently have no idea how to wash clothes, iron, or wake up on my own. The next few weeks I will probably be turning up to work at 2pm, in yesterdays creased clothes.

Anyway, I will write more about it, with pictures, when I have moved tomorrow!

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