Friday, 21 May 2010

Blog Archive: How dare they. [7th February 2007]

I dont think in this day and age it is ever acceptable to turn electricity off for long periods of time.

I got home this morning, went to go on computer.. and it didnt turn off. I was amazingly infuriated. The one thing that gets me really angry is having no electricity.

I went to my neighbours to ask wtfs going on, and they said that a letter had been sent round saying power will be off from 9 - 5 X(. I was about to go back into my house, and the f00kin door had shut. I was locked outside and it was freezing. Anways, after phoning around, and eventually finding out my mom was actually at home, and I hadnt noticed her (:P) I got let back in, still without power.

For the next few hours, I did a jigsaw. Thats right. A fucking jigsaw. Older people would probably be like 'oooh thats nice...see, you dont need electricity to have fun'. No. It was horrible. In about 2 and a half hours, I fit together 10 Pieces. The only excitment out of it was having to rewind the damn radio (thanks to whoever made them).

Anyways, Its very annoying. It shouldnt happen. If i had a freezer all the food would now be useless.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
Apparently I was much more into ranting when I was 18. Though I do really, really hate electricity being turned off. This was before I had any sort of internet phone. Fully cut out from the world.


  1. Poor Andy!

    This is where I should launch into "When I were a girl we lived for putting together jigsaws" (but actually they were never that much fun)

    In my new life I have opted not to have a TV which I find extremely liberating and intersting because it excludes me entirely from boring conversations that middle-aged people have about Britain (hasn't) Got Talent etc. I live opposite a big sports bar so wonder over there to watch rugby etc

    BTW thanks for adding me - not sure you'll find me a very exciting status up-dater but I try!

  2. You didn't read? You didn't do craft? You didn't sit and think?

    You're odd. Or maybe I'm odd. I do those things even when the electricity is on.

    Two and a half hours? We get storms and our power's out overnight.

    Internet phone? I don't have an internet phone. I don't particularly want one.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's you that's strange, Mr I'm-So-Positive :P

  3. I am positive almost all of the time.. what you are forgetting is this was written when I was 18.. I was still a moody ghey then. I didn't start appreciating everything till I was 20, that's when I felt my life changed. That is why these things are possibly interesting, because that is what I was like before.

  4. I'm describing you as a moody ghey from now on. Thanks for that.