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Blog Archive: Ricky Gervais: A story of broken hope and snow. [11th February 2007]

Me, Tara, Neil, Liam and Della went to see Ricky Gervais yesterday. Little did we know the problems we would encounter.

I woke up that morning by a car horn. It was Liam outside. My phone had turned off so my alarm didnt go off. He had came to pick me up at 12, I was meant to have picked Tara up, showered, etc. I ran around n got ready. We picked up Tara and set off to Cardiff, planning to go shopping n stuff, before the doors open at 6:30.

The roads were shit. There started to be traffic, didnt seem like a problem at first... I wasnt worried till about 3 hours of moving every 45 mins. My ass was as numb as a rapists shoulder.

Some guys in the car behind started throwing snowballs at Liams car.. but we didnt have any snow on the roof to throw back, which sucked. Then they crashed into his car... was weird.

At about 5 o'clock, me and Neil decided to go for a walk (down the bypass/motorway thingy), as we needed to find somewhere suitable to piss, and to move, as 4 hours of sitting down was killing me.

We walked down the road for ages, through slush n stuff, I just had a jumperish thing on, and shoes (and ofc jeans). My feet got wet(ish... lol@neils feet).

After a couple of miles of walking.. we got to the source of the problem, the roundabout. All exits were clear, but the faggots on there didnt want to move. But we saw a McDonalds which gave us hope. Before we had chance to go to there, a bloke shouted something to us, which we found out meant 'help me push this broken down car'.

We walked over to the car, and pushed it, thinking they wanted it to the side of the road... apparently not. I think they wanted us to push it home for them or something. We pushed it for like 1/4 of a mile (I have no sense of distance).

Neways, finaly, we got to McDonalds... to find it was closed. They hadnt opened that day cus the spotty cunts were busy looking at gay porn at home. The one time im hungry enough to eat the shit, they dont open.

We walked back, now the knowledgable explorers, who everyone was rolling windows down to ask us wtfs going on. After a few people, we decided to play the game of 'make up the funniest reason for a traffic jam'. A crazy business man called Neil over, and got the reason 'There are loads of cows running around on the road'. I lolled. The man looked like 'wtf m8?' :p. We felt bad so didnt do it again.

Then it rained.

Finaly got back to the car at half 6, an hour and a half of being in snow/rain, in a jumper and shoes. We had pretty much given up hope of getting to Ricky Gervais. Then... out of nowhere... all the traffic moved... and it was clear... no idea how. Somebody must have moved the cows.

We eventually got there, no thanks to the red lights in Cardiff... walked in just as the support act went off stage, giving us time to get our seats and get ready for iPodge.

It was good :D woo.

If you read all this, you have just wasted a few minutes of your life that you are never going to get back, but thank you.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
First off, I apologise for my language. I have pasted this word for word, and it wasn't really wrote in a blog sense. Tee hee.

Anyway, it must have snowed for 3 days after the last post. And I really like to reiterate how brutal the walk was. Me and Neil still often reminisce about it. The game where we were going to make up reasons why the road has stopped made me chuckle.

Also, I said 'it was good', but if I remember right.. it wasn't all that good.

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  1. Your game of making up the most incredible story reminds me of my own game - giving the worst directions. Actually its not really a game I'm just crap at giving directions!