Thursday, 6 May 2010

Well I never...

Today, walking to work, I was quite shocked to be insulted by a sign on the floor...

... though it got the last laugh, as I stood there for a while trying to take a picture.


  1. I'd laugh but I don't get it :(

  2. LMAO! Well, I'd like to know where in the hell you were, because that really is a problem when guys start screwing the cement.

  3. Is it "Stop cock" or 'Stop, cock!'? Either way it's a great sign. I'd like it for my bedroom please.

    Word verification: balks.

    I'm going to pretend that k is an l.

  4. Well cock needs to be stopped, everyone knows that. I'm just glad that someone finally had the courage to engrave it into the cement.

  5. Hahaha and why is the "cock" should be stopped?