Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sh*t going down on my road!

Saturday was quite eventful on my road. It started with a couple of police cars, ambulances and fire engines...

Nobody really knew what was happening. My neighbour eventually asked, and was told it was something to do with chemicals being dug up. On Sunday there was a bomb squad van outside, and a lot more police cars and the likes.

This is a quote from the local news:

Army officers from the Explosives Ordnance Division were called in when it emerged he had uncovered 24 chemical grenades, believed to be a type issued to the Home Guard in case of a Nazi invasion.

Mr Cooke, who had only recently bought the house, called the non-emergency police number, was stunned by the response.

“It was not exactly what we expected to find when we started to dig the garden up, but it’s turned into quite a surreal afternoon,” he said.

And the BBC reported this:

A gardener in Halesowen escaped unharmed after his spade shattered a chemical grenade from the Second World War.
He was digging on Belbroughton Road when his spade hit the container and smoke began billowing out.

That's Halesowen drama for you. How much would you have sh*t yourself if you were that guy!


  1. I would have sh*t myself Big Time! Very exciting though wasn't it? I love it when people are still interested enough to ask and then get told what is happening. Where we used to live a man got stabbed in the street a few yards from our front door - I asked everyone about it when I got home and no-one cared or knew anything about it! Thats London for you!

  2. I used to imagine if I dug up my garden I'd find a bomb shelter. I thought it would absolutely be the coolest thing.

    Grenades though?

    Not so much.

  3. OH MY GOD! ps. I love seeing pictures of the UK! so different from here in the US..

  4. I would've probably had a heart attack. Very scary!!!