Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pendulum Gig (Sub Focus support) in the O2 Academy

Last night I went to see Pendulum (supported by Sub Focus) with some guys from work. To ready myself, I had a foot long Chicken Teriyaki Subway, followed by a Happy Meal (it is 50p cheaper to get a Happy Meal than buying the contents separately. And having a toy doesn't hurt).

We got there while Sub Focus were part way through a song, and there was already people going mad in the middle. We chilled it on the outside, having a couple of drinks, getting ready (I only had one drink.. It was four effing pounds!!).

As soon as Pendulum came on, we jumped into the middle and moshed it. Very fun! They were much, much better than I expected them to be. It was a complete sweatfest in the middle, resulting in me having to take my tshirt off again (I try not to make a habit of it due to my manboobs). The heat was comparable to last weeks gig in London.

All in all, it was one of the better gigs I have been to.

And here is one of these generic gig photos where you can't really see who it is (it just wouldn't be right not to take one!).

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  1. hahaha my bro wanted to go to this, he was so jealous :)