Sunday, 23 May 2010

Blog Archive: Snowwww (and global warming) [8th February 2007]

Wooo its snowing, I just threw a snowball at my 3 yr old nephews face and made him cry (oops... but he loved it rly).

I dont believe in this global warming. First off, its colder at the moment than ever - and it doesnt help that my mom thinks the radiators are there just for show. I also cant see it being a problem that the water will raise by half a meter, just means people will have to grow a little bit taller to keep their head above it in the sea. It will mean more BBQs in the summer, maybe.

I think its a lie, or more of a scam. The power companys have got together with the government, and realised that people will do things they are told not to. 'Ooh, dont use power, you will die', so everyone turns their lights on. Same as drugs.

You cant trust these power companys. Read last post.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
Ahh, poor nephew. I remember that happening. In my defence, it was a really good throw. Said nephew is now 6, and he loves me lots so if anything it probably strengthened our relationship.

I still don't really buy into this global warming stuff... though people still always do things they aren't meant to (like drugs).

Also, this post came the day after the power was turned off... which makes me even more angry, think how cold I must have been doing this jigsaw!!


  1. I like 18 year old you. I would have totes had a crush on him <3

  2. You mean were mean at 18 and you're totally mean now!
    I like that concept of growing taller though, I guess I would drown...