Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My well planned dinner.

Now that I am living on my own I suddenly feel more responsible, and have such started considering what I eat more. For example, today I didn't bring anything into work and had to go and buy something. The thought process was as follows...

I am boxing later so I need something high in carbohydrates so I considered getting pasta. Also, my muscles are aching from playing football yesterday, so I need something with protein, so I considered getting a pasta ready meal with chicken in. The problem with this is that it wouldn't have any kind of vegetables in, and now my mom isn't forcing carrots in my food I need to start doing it myself.

It is also raining a bit today, so I could also do with having something warm. On top of that I have to watch how much I spend now I am self sufficient. I can't justify spending £4 on a ready-meal if I was willing to have 27p soup yesterday.

In the 4 minute walk to the shops, I had to try and think of something cheap, hot, with carbohydrates, protein, and some sort of vegetable... and I think I landed on a perfect solution.

The theory is there... though I suppose I am a little out in the execution.


  1. I left home so many years ago it scares me to think about it - and have been cooking for myself (and eventually several other people) ever since; what I have never really thought about is this - are potatoes included in the meat and 2 veg or is it potatoes and 2 other veg?