Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blog Archive: 3rd time lucky... no. [2nd April 2007]

Those fucking chavs. They have tried to steal my car for the third... yes, THIRD time.

Around 11:30, my car was robbed again, moved around the corner, and attempted to hotwire. It didnt work.. leaving me with another fucking broken car. Great. They also managed to steal the radio X(.

For some reason, as a 'sorry present', one of them left me a bottle opener... (i think)... which is going to be finger printed by police, along with the rest of my car tomorrow.

My car was booked into the garage tomorrow to fix the damages from the first time, which im going to leave now, as it will only be broke again :P

So. These fucking chavs will feel the Huntlands Boys wrath soon. I dont understand what 15 year olds are doing trying to challenge Huntlands Boys, omglan and HR4... it sounds crazy.

Anyways. Thats the end of my rant, untill tomorrow morning, when I find more people to tell.

Ps. If the bottle opener was left in my car by someone i know, im sorry, I will tell police not to rape you.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
I didn't bother writing about the second time... but I looked out of the window after hearing some talking to see about 9 people around my car, but then ran off when I shouted. How the hell were 9 of them going to get in? They weren't even dressed as clowns.

This time, Tara's dad walked in and said "Where's your car AJ?" (half the people I know call me AJ). Never something you want to hear, and I am still, to this day, paranoid about my car!

Anyway, again the police were helpful, but unable to find them. When I was trying to bend the door back into shape a guy walked past and asked what happened. This one was scary guy. He wasn't big, he was maybe mid 30s to 40s, with a walking stick. I expect he didn't even need it, but it gave him an edge. He said the same had happened to his mom's car, and he was going around the pawn shops trying to find out who did it. This made me fear for the chavs lives.

The story goes on. A few months later in the Summer, when I returned from a holiday I heard that there was a big car chase, with some young chavs. Apparently the car crashed, but I am not sure what happened to them. I will keep my comments of what I think to myself. But lets just say I haven't had car problems since (though I haven't stopped at Tara for over a year since we broke up).

... and I still have that bottle opener.

On a side note. This is the last 'creative' thing I wrote while I was 18. I didn't post anything else until I was 20. I have actually been a little bit sad reading things, but that is down to my hate for ageing. Reminiscing in any kind, such as looking at old photos, reminds me that I am only getting older, and will remember them with an even hazier memory.


  1. If your memory is hazy at 22 theres no hope! Haha at least I have an excuse.....

  2. Andy, that sucks about your car I am so sorry. Karma is a bitch and will prevail in one way or another.