Sunday, 6 June 2010

My new house!!

Last Saturday I moved to my new house! For about 9 months now I have been talking to different friends about possibly moving in to a house together, but each time there would be nothing properly decided. About a month ago I half-spontaneously had the idea to just move into a shared house on my own!

I looked around the Internet, and found a 'Grad community' thing, which is a load of houses owned by this guy, who rents them out to groups of graduates. The houses are all close, and the people are encouraged to socialise, and have parties. It seemed exactly what I was looking for!

I went to view 4 houses. The people in all of the houses seemed really nice, but my final decision was made based on the one having an en-suite bathroom.

This is my first experience of moving out, since I also spent my University years at home. At home I have always been given a lot of freedom, and however much my mom has since convinced herself... I am not moving out to get away from them. They are both sad that I have left, but I do have every intention of going back as much as possible (since it is only 4 miles away!!).

I did my first food shop with my mom the day after I moved. I can cook somewhat, but have never needed to buy food, and a sole tear slipped as the woman at the checkout said £94. After the food shop, my dad came over and we cut the lawn.

It's now been a week in the house, and I am still really enjoying it. The people who live here are really nice, and I think I will get on well with them. I also went to a BBQ that another house close was holding and met more people.

Anyway... more will be reported!

My new room

And from another angle

En suite bathroom

The kitchen, my cupboards are the corner ones

Three fridge freezers. I share the middle one.


  1. Tears roll down my cheeks every week when I get to the check out!

  2. I'm not sure you have enough alcohol on that one shelving unit