Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fouth Month Boxing (With Video)

It has now been 4 months since that first week of boxing, and I would like to think I have slightly improved. I am still finding it quite fun, though the amount of time it takes up, and the money, not to mention how often I am tired, is a bit of an issue.

I now try and spar every Tuesday. It is really good practice, and shows where I need to improve, which is mostly everywhere at the moment, but specifically throwing more jabs to put people off, and to keep eye contact when being caught in a combo.

At the weekend, in a private session, I had my legs tied together to make sure my stance doesn't widen too much. The trainer then videoed the sparring so I can see if it has improved. I thought I would upload one of the videos for your viewing pleasure.

I'm still one of the most inexperienced, being one of the only people not to have had a proper fight. Oh - and I am in the white and red.

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