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Blog Archive: 25 Things About Me [2nd February 2009]

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

But really, do it, and tag me so I can see.

1. I am currently (as of 2nd Feb) 13th in UK Dodgeball standings, 08/09.

2. I have out-run the police, even though The Bill says it’s impossible.

3. My greatest fears are migraines, medieval and iron man triathlons.

4. I set myself loads of aims to keep things interesting, and plan on doing them all.

5. People think I'm lucky and that everything comes easy to me, but I think that is only half true.

6. I think I am a very positive and happy person.

7. I have had my whole life planned until recently.

8. I am usually the person to arrange things, and I do most of my arranging when I am really busy.

9. I really want to play the steel drums, or at least properly learn the guitar.

10. I actively try to keep all of my opinions consistent, and stay open-minded.

11. I'm surprisingly good at making things up.

12. I'm still not sure if my favourite colour is yellow or orange. I feel like I should say yellow, since it used to be my favourite, but orange can sometimes be nicer.

13. I hate days when I don't do anything.

14. I can make friends quite easily, but hate anyone who doesn't like me.

15. I crossed this one out.

16. I hate fashion columns. I wish people would just wear what they like, and what they think they would look good in, without having to have a written guide.

17. I'm not quite sure what my favourite food is. Maybe lasagne.

18. I'm partly communist.

19. I really like playing football now, and hope to get better at it.

20. However much I dislike someone, if I see them do something nice it can question my feelings.

21. I think I could make a good attempt at doing any task given to me, and sometimes think a planet run by millions of clones of me would work.

22. My next aim is to learn to back flip.

23. I have a panda that I sometimes sleep with. And I love Tara.

24. I hate the thought of death, and in future I hope to be able to stop anyone dieing.

25. If ever the world turns too weird, I'd like to think I will fight against it.

22 year old Andy's Comments:
As you can see with #24 my death complex isn't a new thing. Interesting fact with #23, I've had the panda since I was 4 (I might dedicate a post to this), and I split up with Tara not long after posting this. She must not have liked the half-hearted mention.. I just didn't want to seem like a noob and dedicate a whole point.

The whole thing is still very relevant, and I would probably write about the same if I had to again now. I also don't remember what I crossed out for #15. And I still haven't done a damn backflip, but I am in the best shape I have ever been so maybe soon.

This actually marks an end to this little 'Blog Archive' series. I hope you all enjoyed the insight into a slightly younger me :)

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