Friday, 12 November 2010

My Nephews and Nieces

I realise I have never actually wrote a blog about my sublings, aside from mentioning them in the occasional post.

There are five of them and they are all amazing. I feel very close to them all, and try and be a good uncle.

Logan (7)
When Logan was younger his [twat of a] dad left for somebody else. I tried to be more of a dad person for him, which meant I could shout and be angry, and him still like me! Now my sister is with a great guy called Paul, who we all love.

Logan is naturally really, really good at computer games. This may sound irresponsible, but when he was 3 he loved aeroplanes, so I installed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and saved the game far into the desert, next to an airstrip, and showed him how he could get in to planes. I didn't think for one second I would come back and find him in the middle of a police station, throwing petrol bombs at people!!

He picks things up very quickly, and it has got to the point that if I am stuck on games I can often leave it with Logan for him to do... which is quite bad considering I see myself as being good at them.

Charlie (5)
Charlie, Logan's brother, is really cute and really funny. Half of the time it is accidental, and says some amazing things. The other day I accidentally upset him because I said I was going out, and he said "where you going?" and I told him, and he said "who you going with?" and I answered, then he asked something else along the lines of when I'll be back... and I laughed and said he sounded like my mom... and he went in a bit of a mood and didn't want to talk to me.

He really looks up to Logan, and tries to copying everything he does. If he sees somebody upset Logan he will fly into a rage. One time I shouted at Logan for making Charlie cry, Logan started crying, so Charlie ran at me and started punching me saying "don't make my brother cry". Cute.

He can usually be found sneakily mocking crying children the other side of the room, complete with quivering lip and hands.

Sam (5)
Sam is Logan and Charlie's cousin. He is currently back at my parents house with my sister, so I see him the most. He is less interested in computer games than the other two, and usually more happy creating things, and he's really good!

Once, at school, they were told to make something. I think they were told it couldn't be anything violent, so Sam made a bridge for cars to go over. Except it looked like, in every single way, a gun. When he showed me it he said "look at me gun.. I mean.. bridge".

He likes dressing up and having his face painted, and pretending to be a monster. He does karate at the moment with Logan (and they are doing really well), but I think he could be a good boxer!

Eloise (1)
Eloise was born on my graduation day. My sister was nice enough to go into labour pretty much while I was on stage.

She is the first baby girl we have had in the family for a long time (since my older sisters). I'm pretty sure for the first few weeks I didn't see her awake. And then it was weeks after that until I saw her cry. She is almost always smiling, and gives cute little shy looks.

I had to include this picture, because although she's crying it's really, really cute.

Savannah (1)
Savannah was born shortly after Eloise. My sisters were fortunate to have boys at the same time, and then girls, so they will grow up being really close.

Savannah is also really sweet, though she seems shy with me a lot. Although she is only 1, you can already tell how much she loves Logan and Charlie, and is always laughing when she is with them. More recently she has warmed to me a bit more, and we had a nice game of hide and seek a few days ago.

She pulls a really cute face where she ruffles up her nose and breathes fast through it.


  1. Very cute Andy!

  2. Aww very cute! They all love uncle Andy xx

  3. This is probably entirely way too much cute for one post. FOR ONE FAMILY.

    Seriously, these are adorable kids. I especially like that you get owned in video games by a 7 year old.


  4. This is such a sweet post, Andy bobbandy :)
    They are all cuties :)