Friday, 26 November 2010

The Blanks, Live in Birmingham!

For those who don't know who 'The Blanks' are, they are the hospital band off Scrubs, fronted by 'Ted'. In reality, The Blanks are an amazing A Capella band that Scrubs decided would be good to put in the show.

I have loved The Blanks for years now. I first bought their album 'Riding The Wave' on the 25th of July, 2005. At first they are funny to listen to, but they are actually really, really good.

I had emailed them a couple of times saying "Come to England!!!", so I was really excited to see that they had planned a few dates around the country, and quickly got tickets. And last night I finally got to see them.

There is no such thing as a peacefull A Capella gig.

I might as well start with what happened at the end of the night, and then say about the rest, as that is the most interesting thing. We (me and Melissa) had got in unnecessarily early, maybe kind of hoping that the earlier we get in, the earlier they will play and we can go home and sleep ready for work. Anyway, this meant we were in quite a good place in the audience. Unfortunately, there was a guy next to us that decided he wasn't in a good enough place, and wanted to push us across.

He started off with standard slight movements to the side, taking any opportunity to take another step, and when we held our ground started leaning into us. Eventually he was pushing into Melissa more and more, until she had a go at him. This didn't stop him at all, he started doing it more, so I pushed him across. Which lead to me, him and Melissa arguing. He then called Melissa a "f*cking b*tch", so I pushed him and told him not to speak to her like that, and Melissa punched, slapped and scratched until his friend got in the middle. Go her.

I usually don't agree with fighting in clubs (I generally won't back down, but I don't agree with it...), but he really deserved it. Melissa had scratched his arm quite nastily, which you can see from the photograph I took.

At the end of the show he turned around and said something and it all kicked off again. Melissa landed another few good hits!!

Now, as people should know, I'm usually positive and don't often rant on here... but I think I am just too old and bitter now. While we were waiting I had a fat girl leaning her thighs up me, just to try and edge in front of us in the queue. When we were waiting for the band to come on I had a guy pressing his cock against me. There is never, ever a need to stand close enough to someone that they can feel your sack.

The Blanks were expectedly amazing, though the night was perhaps dampened by the 100s of drunk students who thought it was a karaoke and decided to shout along. It's fine when people sing along, but don't try and compete. The Blanks have a lot more experience at singing their A Capella arrangements, it's probably better to leave them to it.

Secondly, why watch the whole thing through your phone? Half of the people could see fine, but instead opted to hold their phone or camera up, blocking the view for anyone behind them, and watching it though that. Taking a few pictures, and maybe a quick video is fine, but really? The whole thing?

Anyway, is a *short* video I took.


  1. Sorry Andy - I don't mean to laugh honest - but that man standing so close to you? Did he think you were a porn star, no sorry that was an earlier post.

    Being incredibly short I know only too well the feeling of being shoved etc. - but it comes in handy when your elbow is level with most peoples sensitive areas!

  2. Haha! I did actually stop for a minute during the scuffle to think "me must think I look like a right twat".

    And yes, I suppose that gives you quite the advantage... and in a crowd they might look up at the person behind you :D haha