Saturday, 27 November 2010

Drinking Game: The Two Towers

Here is a drinking game for any Saturday night parties! It is based on other pyramid drinking games, but I made my own variation to make it a two (or more) player battle.

The rules are as follows:

Players: 2 (+ viewers)
Duration: Depends how unlucky you are
Drunkness: Depends how unlucky you are

1) Two players should sit at a table, facing each other, with their drink of choice next to each other (i.e. beer or spirit and mixer).

2) Shuffle a pack of cards. If there are viewers then shuffle the jokers into the pack too.

3) Deal the cards out into a two sided pyramid, i.e. 5 cards in front of each person, then 4cards above them, then 3, then 2, and then in the middle of the table will be 1 card.

4) Place a shot glass on top of the middle card, filled with the spirit of choice.

- At the start of the game each player, at the same time, turns a card from the bottom of their pyramid.

- If the selected card is a face card (Jack, Queen, King) or an Ace, they drink 1 or 2 fingers of their drink (decided before the game begins). The dealer then picks up the card, and any card on their side of the pyramid, shuffles them back into the remaining pack, and deals replacement cards to those missing. Whoever picked up the face card begins the game by picking the next card, from the base of the pyramid.

- If the selected card is a Joker, all people watching the game must take a shot. All cards are picked up and re-dealt and the game begins again.

- If no face card is picked up, the player proceeds to the next level of the pyramid. The players will simultaneously pick up cards until a face card is found, at which point that player picks the next card first.

- When a player reaches the top of the tower he or she must turn card. If the card is not a face card they win, and the opponent must drink the shot. If it is a face card, that player must drink the shot, have their upturned cards removed and replaced, and start again from the base.

- If both players reach the top at the same time, it will be decided on the flip of a coin which colour (red or black) the player represents, and the winner will be the same colour as the card.

This game got me very, very drunk in Morocco last week. Have fun, and drink semi-responsibly.


  1. This sound like fun!

    I have another great drinking game, it is called Knock-Out, ever play it?

    It is a way better version of beer pong, way better !!

    You put a bunch of solo cups ( you know the big plastic ones) You can use however many you want i would go with ten. You fill them all halfway with beer and then place them around a middle cup that is filled to the top. You have two ping pong balls.
    2 players start off and they each have an empty cup and they bounce the ball into it. If they get it on the first shot then they can move the cup to any person at the table. If they don't get it on the first shot then they must pass it to the right. Now if the person to the left of them gets the ball in first then he/she knocks the other players cup off the table and the player whose cup got knocked off needs to drink one of the cups in the middle with beer, then use that cup and try to get the ball in.

    Keep going till only the full cup in the middle ( called the death cup) is left then the person who gets out when only that cup is left must drink it.

    It sounds more confusing then it is.

    Ha ha,

  2. LOL- I'll have to remember that one. :)

  3. Thanks a lot for the suggestion Penny :D I shall definitely try it!!