Sunday, 28 November 2010

Announced: Second Boxing Match

After fighting and winning in a boxing event in October (video and pics here) I had decided to skip the following show, and train hard and fight again in March. This would give me a bit of a break from the intense training, and allow me to become a better boxer. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to take on guys in the higher weight category, as that is my biggest weakness.

Yesterday it was confirmed that one of the guys fighting in the show has broken a few ribs in training, and I will be stepping in with 7 days notice to fight this Friday! Scary stuff. This time the fight will be in Oceana, another big club in Birmingham.

I have been training hard since the last fight, so my boxing skills are sufficient.. but my main worry is my fitness. The guy that I am going against is a pressure fighter, so I will be using a similar game plan to the last one, but going to have to conserve a lot of my energy.

Anyway. Wish me luck!! Here is the original poster, but with an edit I have just made:

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