Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Movember 2010

It has been a hard month, with regularly being called a sex offender or a paedophile. The moustache didn't help either. It helped me fit in a bit more in Morocco (or Mo-rocco... the joke that didn't once get old). I got many weird looks off people, and it would always take me a while to realise why. All to raise awareness for prostate cancer during Movember.

Tomorrow morning it will be shaved off.

...Possibly. There is a tiny chance I may bleach it and dress up as Hulk Hogan on Friday.


  1. In the good old days the Navy used to give sailors 60 days to grow a full beard - if it looked too grotty after two months they had to shave it off. So one months growth isn't too bad!

  2. You definitely got the red gene going on there!