Thursday, 25 November 2010

Boxing: 6 Months of Sparring

I have now been sparring 6 months! Initially my aim was to just have a boxing fight, win or lose. Then my aim was to try and be the best under 168 pounds at the gym. I kind of have a new aim, but I want to see how I progress a bit.

Anyway, the training has been going really well, and I think I am getting better and better each time. More recently I tried to address my problem that I get owned by anyone that is bigger than me (due to me having the longest reach in my weight category), so I have been going to a different class, and sparring guys that are bigger than me.

The guy in this video is a really good boxer, and could pick me apart at any moment. He is mainly working on his defence and counter punching, and I am just trying to land shots on a guy that can hit me twice before I get close enough to hit him once.

I am hoping to have my second fight in March, and hopefully a third fight in the summer.


  1. Good luck with the boxing :) Kinda a neat sport to get into.

  2. Thanks! I may have another boxing post/announcement tomorrow night. Whoop.