Thursday, 16 September 2010

Camping with my Nephews

On Friday I camped in the garden with my nephews (Logan, 6, Sam, 5, Charlie, 4). They had been looking forward to it for weeks, so they had cute little excited faced when I turned up.

They helped me put the tent up in the rain, and the night was complete with hotdogs, Playstation, sweets, Mr Bean, and going to sleep at 3am.

Thinking about my '100 things to do list', I asked them what things they would want to do, now or when they are bigger, that they have never done before. The conversation went a bit like this:

Logan: Ermm. Put up a tent.
Me: But we have just done that... anything else? It can be anything at all!
Logan: Hmm... bungee jump!
Me: That sounds good. What about you Charlie?
Charlie: Ermm. Put up a tent!
Me: But we have just done that.
Charlie: Play on the Playstation!
Me: We do that a lot! Think of something you've never done before.
Charlie: ... Put up a tent?
Me: We are in a tent that we just put up...
Charlie: Okay... play on the Playstation?
Me: But... never mind... anything else?
Charlie: Bungee jump!
Me: ... Okay.. Sam?
Sam: Pour a big bag of sweets in my mouth!


  1. Oh this is so sweet!
    My uncle just spent all his time chasing us and throwing us into nettles (he was only two years older than me!)

  2. Aw!!! You're the cool uncle!!!
    You see, I bet Charlie and Logan are cute as hell (plus their names are awesome) but Sam, aw...I could adopt that little cutie after his line!! Yay for sweets!!!