Thursday, 23 September 2010

Andy vs Victims of Cancer

The last week I have been training hard. I usually don't put effort into things, but this I have. If I applied the same amount of effort to my College A Levels, I perhaps wouldn't have forgotten to turn up to 3 of my exams.

I have been trying to go to the gym twice a day, and the days I can only manage once I am cycling 7 miles. I am fully burnt out but trying to power onwards.

With that said, I noticed something on the website of the boxing gym, to do with the boxing event I will be participating in.

"There is a catch this time as Red Team will be representing Help for Hero's and the blue team representing Macmillan Cancer Support. Their will be a charity pot on the night (estimated to be £5,000) and the teams results will dictate how much of the pot is divided to each charity."

So basically... All my training is towards stopping cancer victims getting support. I can just picture it now, we will be exchanging punches, there will be a tense atmosphere, everyone on the edge of their seats to see the outcome... and I will look across at the crowd and catch the eye of a small, bald, wheelchair bound child, looking up at me with tears in his eyes.

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  1. I understand your sentiment entirely Andy - the Village of the Damned is a place called Headley, it was a sleepy little place the biggest thing in it was a small military hospital. In 2005 that hospital trebled its capicity because of the influx of wounded from the wars. Whatever your opinion of the wars those limbless young men make your heart bled. They do a tremendous amount themselves, I see them in every charity run I take part in, and the fact they have to rely on charity is a disgrace. Good Luck - make sure you post a video!!