Thursday, 30 September 2010

One week until the Big Fight

On Friday I will be having my first boxing match, in front of 550 people (and completely sold out) in Birmingham's biggest club!

Originally I was going to be boxing a guy called Joe Phillips, but on Tuesday he had his rib broke while sparring. The week before another guy had to drop out, also in my weight class. This means that I have been matched with a new opponent, Edward Clark, a guy who started boxing around the same time as me, and a guy who I have been found drunk, raving in clubs with.

... but alas...

He is going down.

The training is going really well. I have started having private sessions with Neil Perkins, who was on the Sky Sports Contenders: Heavyweights III (that Audley Harrison won). I am working on my range, and boxing on the outside.

Wish me luck! And I am going to get really drunk after!


  1. Put all my money on that clean cut white boy with the lopped off head.

  2. So whats with this hexing all your opponents?

  3. Ha ha! That photo's really funny! That's also you, right? Glad you've had your first boxing match. It reminds me of my girlfriend when she went to a boxing gym last month. I don't know if I'll be proud of her or not but, she knocked her opponent out and that girl lost her front tooth. My girl felt so guilty so she took her to our dentists here in Hendersonville, TN.