Monday, 13 September 2010

56) Have an MMA/Boxing fight - The Countdown

On Monday 22nd February 2010 I joined a local boxing gym. On Friday 26th February I had had two personal sessions. By Wednesday 30th June I was sparring (though quite badly).

It is now Monday 13th September. I have been training for over 6 months, and have found out I will be having my first boxing match next month. It will be on the night of Friday the 8th of October in Birmingham's largest club, Gatecrasher.

Two weeks ago I had a spar between me and Joe videoed.

I had became quite confident with my style, and was using it as a good base to improve. This was until last week. On Tuesday I sparred against someone who had a similar reach to me, which was enough to neutralise any attack and defence I had and people were learning my weaknesses, and being able to land shots before I could react. On Saturday I sparred a much bigger guy, which showed me how badly I am at combos. The guy was really nice, and helped show me some new things.

I found out it is Joe (in the video) that I will be fighting next month.

Anyway, as of today I am going to take the training a lot more seriously in run up to the fight, to the point where I am even adding a new item to the list... '118) Win a boxing match'. I am going to stop drinking (I think) and try and enlist the help of friends to make it so I am doing training at least 4 days. I am going to completely change my style, as at the moment he knows exactly what to expect from me, and how to beat me. Hopefully I will be able to shock him.

I found this clip from the last show. The last thing I want is to be knocked out.

... Wish me luck...

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