Thursday, 9 September 2010

Amy's Leaving Party

At the weekend we had another house party! This time it was for Amy leaving. She is going travelling for 3 months, and won't be returning to our house after :(. As she is going to be going around the world, we decided the theme of the party would be countries.

I dressed up as a French Mime (which I later found out Mimes weren't exclusively French, but a French guy was really famous as one).

Neil dressed up as an explorer, and spent the night having to explain what country he is either from, or exploring.

Tom (dressed as a Pakistani) started the night off quite badly. We did a shot of Raki, which he was only able to keep down for a few seconds.

People were dressed in some really good costumes. I was impressed!

One guy 'blacked up' to dress as another guy at the party, complete with sneaking into his house to steal his clothes earlier in the day. Funniest costume of the night.

A lot of people came as French and Mexicans. I was the only one who 'mimed-up' though.

Me and my housemates had a photo. The last one we would have together as a house. Becca was a Romanian Gypsy, Amy was a Thai statue, Emily was a Chinese person, Mark one of the New Zealand All Blacks and Tom a Pakistani.

In typical party fashion, it never really kicks off till 11-12ish. I managed to get one picture at about 11, until I lost my camera. There were people in the kitchen, garden, living room, hall, and my bedroom.

I got pretty drunk again... and spent the rest of the party stumbling around drunk, talking to people, then looking for my camera... and fighting with Neil (boxing and then wrestling).

The morning was pretty horrible. My bed was broke the night before so I was sleeping on a slant. I went upstairs to say hi to Becca, who had loads of people sleeping in her room. When I went downstairs the smell of fish sauce hit me and I was nearly sick. The house was a complete mess.

We sat around in the mess, with nobody wanting to start cleaning, and instead go to bed. I took this opportunity to try and ask people about the internet we are going to get installed. Nobody would take me serious in my pyjamas, so did the only thing I could... suited up!

... and then I found my camera outside, in the rain. It was all worth it though. I think we throw some epic house parties.

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