Sunday, 24 July 2011

122 Poplar: My Memoirs

At the start of June I moved out of my first shared house, and first time living away from home, 122 Poplar Avenue.

- Moving into my first place out of home. Being excited but also a bit sad that I am getting older (though I still will never die).

- First few days getting there, chizzling ice out of the freezer, then cleaning the garden, then me Becca and Tom getting attacked my a massive spider.

- Building the awesome BBQ ready for the summer BBQ parties.

- Bringing the TV outside and having a BBQ to watch the World Cup 2010. It was my first chance to meet lots of people when they came over to watch.

- Amy big spooning me while watching Arre

- For my birthday, having my first proper house party. My house mates bought me a cake with my face on it and some signed boxers (by themselves). I spent the night going aruond with my 'shot gun', giving people shots. We played garden rugby, and Neil passed out under a beanbag outside.

- Attaching a rope around the light, putting an apple in my mouth, pulling my trousers down and pretending to asphyxiwank for when Emily walked in.

- The summer mornings getting woken up by Becca playing Lady GaGa on my computer while fraping me.

- Having a 'smack head' day with Becca, poking the hatch in the garden with a stick, sitting out the front of the house, and watching the ballet while eating McDonalds.

- Amy's leaving party, dressed up as a mime. Slamming Neil through my bed, and Marks big bottle of fish sauce getting smashed on the floor. The smell didn't leave the house for ages.

- Frequently stopping at Karachi Takeaway after a nights out.

- Entering a Dodgeball tournament with the guys in the area.

- Going to Pad Thai and having a private karaoke booth.

- Me, Becca and Tom watching 2 girls 1 cup, and the much, much worse 1 man 1 jar.

- All the nights in Snobs.

- 'Apprentice Wednesdays', with Tom shushing everyone.

- Becca dancing in clubs. Hilarious and embarrassing at once.

- All the amazing house parties.

- The viewings to replace Amy. The girl with "one leg half a millimetre shorter than the other", among others.

- Dress up Monopoly.

- All the big poker games.

- Being able to cycle to work everyday. That was fun, until the rain.

- The last moments as I left my room.

The will most likely be the last time I will live in a house share, which makes me feel sad, but I am looking forward to living with Brandi soon.

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  1. I don't know what dress up Monopoly is, but that costume was perfection.

    Is Brandi moving to you or are you moving to Brandi?