Monday, 4 July 2011

113) Find 10 geocaches: Part 4

As part of my 10 Geocaches I decided I wanted to find one in Canada. I had saved a few coordinates for later on when we were on Vancouver Island, yet this Geocache came early!

On the 8th of June me, Brandi, and her brother Calvin went hiking in a place called 'Minnekada'. The beautiful hike started off with signs warning of bears (which were very common throughout the area, but still amazed me). After a bit of walking we went past a lake, then over some interesting stones and roots.

The hike then got a lot steeper as we headed towards the top, which ended in a beautiful view over the area. When at the top Brandi said that we should have thought about getting some Geocaching coordinates.

On the way back down we decided to take a different route. Eagle-eyed Brandi stopped, lifted up some rocks, and found this Geocache firmly placed in a hole in a tree!

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