Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vancouver, Canada: My Memoirs

On the 4th of June, 2011 I went to Vancouver, Canada, the home city of my beautiful girlfriend Brandi. I was excited to go, because staying with someone in a country lets you understand a lot more what the country is actually like. Here are my memoirs:

- Waiting nervously in the airport for my bag, knowing that in a few minutes I will see Brandi again, and also possibly set sent to prison for not declaring a gift worth over $80.

- Waking up at 5am on the first morning and putting on music, then lying in bed cuddling for hours.

- Getting to Brandi's appartment and meeting her family. I was nervous but tried to be outgoing to make them like me.

- Walking around Rocky Point holding hands. Brandi being my Suga Mama and buying me ice cream (but making me ask, leading to an awkward moment trying to pronounce 'praline').

- Meeting a lot of her family at a BBQ just off the beach at White Rock. Playing croquet, then getting so tired I fell asleep on the grass and got sunburned. Later on that day I tried to swim in the pool in her apartment block and the sun burn hurt too much.

- The looks we got from people as we cycled around Stanley Park on a tandem bike. Scaring Brandi as I lead the bike close to posts, then getting so tired I fell asleep on the grass again.

- Walking around Vancouver City, and going into an arcade to show off my Time Crisis 2 skills. Then going to watch a Canucks game at Cactus Club. I am still amazed at how crazy Canadians are for ice hockey.

- Meeting her grandparents at Rivers Edge, then going back to their house and being amazed at how nice their garden is.

- Being a bit nervous about going to meet Brandi's dad, but it all went well. I was trying to meet all her family early on in the week for obvious reasons...

- Hiked up Minnekada with Brandi and Calvin, and saw the beautiful view at the top. Brandi also unintentionally found a geocache on the way down. We were tired on the evening so we made Thai Food and cuddled.

- Going into Gastown, and trying a Japadog. I will never eat seawead on meat again.

- Wandering around Granville island while we wated to go to Theatre Sports, and amazing improvisation comedy club.

- Made snacks to take around Kadie's house, then got a bit too drunk in front of her friends.

- Went to Ucluelet by car and ferry with Brandi, her mom, sister, and brother. We sang in the car and stopped at Coombs Market for huge ice creams, and saw goats on the roof.

- Got to our amazing hotel room, then went out for dinner. I was able to watch UFC at a normal time in a bar with loads of other people watching it. It was a nice change from the 3am, half asleep viewings.

- Went for a hike in the morning while Brandi's mom and sister ran the half marathon  We laughed as we kept seeing people take wrong turns on the badly marked road. Along the way we had a competition of who can hold their arm up the longest. It was embarrassing, and Brandi ended up winning.

- We walk along the West Pacific Trail and through the rainforest, all the time I was secretly looking for the perfect place to propose.

- I proposed(!!!) and Brandi said yes(!!!). Then spent the whole day nervous for when we were going to tell her family. Slowly slipped my water as Brandi told her family I proposed.

- Walked around a really interesting marsh, then went to a beach and played with some kind of sea-plant-whip. Then walking along the beach rocks at night and seeing a deer.

- Going into the scary caves where I felt like I could have fallen and died at any moment.

- Met up with a few of Brandi's friends, then when we were going back we walked into a surprise engagement party. It was very nice. The first surprise party I have had.

- Drove to Whistler. When checking into the hotel we found out we had the room upgraded and a bottle of champagne from Kadie.

- All the different fast foods. The horrible Taco Bell Tacos (they must have changed the recipe...), the not very nice soft bun from Wendy's, the very bad McDonalds.

- Went up the Whistler mountain on the gondola, and across the Peak to Peak, the longest free span ropeway, and 436 meters above the ground.

- Trying a completely disgusting Caesar drink. Clamato juice... wtf. It is actually clam and tomato. And spices. Urgh. I rarely leave drinks, but my god.

- Made awesome risotto again. Was equally awesome as the time we made it in England. Got drunk while eating it.

- Went to Monkido, climbing across trees and showing off my strength and agility.

- Eat an awesome, awesome Beaver Tail. The greatest thing I've had.

- Went to see Shannon Falls, a really beautiful waterfall, then spent the entire drive home holding hands. No, seriously. It was a challenge. Especially for Brandi getting in and out the car. My hand had gone wrinkly after.

- Went 6-pin bowling with Brandi's mom and Calvin. I did terrible. Then went for Chinese food with her family and I met her other cousins.

- Went to the Chinese Night Market with her cousins, and was amazed by all the Final Fantasy action figures. Eat a crazy potato that was peeled into one long chip.

- Woke up sad because I was having to leave on the final morning. Went to Brandi's dad's house to say bye.

- Sat in the airport trying not to be too sad. Had a long kiss goodbye.

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  1. :) Glad you had such a fantastic holiday (aside from you know, one of the best moments of your life ;) )