Sunday, 10 July 2011

113) Find 10 geocaches: Part 5 & 6

Last Sunday (10th July) me, my mom and dad, my sister and my nephews went walking in the fields opposite my house. Mom and dad had decided that since it was a nice day they would get the fishing nets out for the kids, and let them try and catch things in the little steam (and put them back after, of course).

The walk was really nice. In the first field we went through there were two adult horses, with two foals. The foals eagerly ran over and seemed to enjoy being stroked (petted...). We then went through another field of horses, which made me remember something when I was younger. When I was really young my mom had told me one day that you dream about what you did that day. The day that she had told me I remember walking through the fields with my dad, and in the fields were some bulls so I was a bit scared. That night I had a dream that was me and dad walking through the same field of bulls. The memory has always stayed with me.

The next field was also very picturesque, and had a hill, and past it a small stream running through the meadow. Seeing a place this nice made me instantly think about Geocaching (since part of the reason is to take people to places they should see). I pulled out my phone and saw there was a cache only 100m away from me. I called over my dad and told him to follow, while I tried to explain the concept of the game.

The compass took me to a gate underneath trees, in the corner of the field. Now a little bit practised in finding them, I instantly spotted a place ideal to hide the small box. After moving a couple of twigs and a rock I found this Geocache. It contained a few small toys (the kind of you would in a cracker) and the usual pen and paper.

This cache was one in a series that leads up to Clent. I thought that my nephews would really enjoy the 'treasure hunting' game, so I looked for another (that was only another 200m away) and called them over. They were very excited, and quickly set about following the compass.

It took us down a small hill and slightly into an area covered by trees. Again, I instantly spotted where the cache would be hidden, and encouraged my nephews to look, giving them hints that it 'could' be around the big tree.

Charlie was the first to find the Geocache, and looked really excited when he did, and didn't want to let go of the box. They were eager to look inside, and wanted to take the toys, but instead we decided to just leave a 25c coin.

I decided we wouldn't find any more Geocaches that day, but we would come back and find the others in the series another time. Although they really wanted to keep 'treasure hunting', they were quickly distracted as we walked past the golf range, where they were instead on the lookout for rogue balls.

Ps. As as added bonus for reading this far, here is a cow poo shaped like an electric guitar.

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