Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Car-onell Bluespeed Retires

On Tuesday 31st May I had my last drive in Caronell Bluespeed, my blue Ford Cougar.

It was a sad moment as I pulled up at my parents and switched it off. I have been through a lot with the car... like getting on Google Street View (a challenge I accidentally succeeded in), getting the annoying parking tickets (and fighting them off), and having my first crash. It was nice driving a manly looking car with Thunder Cats logo's all over it.

Caronell Bluespeed (car-on-ell) was named after Caronell Whitespeed, which in turn was named after Trionell Blackspeed, my computer. When Trionell Blackspeed retires I may write a post about how it got its name.

I do love that car, but it was costing me too much. I need to save money for a house with Brandi, and also the wedding. So with that in mind I downgraded to the new...

Car-onell Blackspeed!

It is £2100 cheaper on insurance, £80 cheaper on tax, and about 1/3 cheaper on petrol. Worth it.+

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  1. It's a cute car! And nothing wrong with a car that's better on insurance AND
    gas :)