Thursday, 28 July 2011

My 24th Birthday and Captain Vestman Comic

On Sunday I turned 24. How old. 24 now officially puts me in my "mid 20's", though I am not as upset about gaining another year as I was last year. Last year I felt like I was ageing too quickly. I was older than I felt I should be. I hadn't done a lot of things that I had wanted to do, and I felt like my chance of doing them was running out.

At the start of 23 I was looking back to when I was in my early teens, and remembering how I thought that by 23 I would be engaged, and starting to settle down. Wanting to settle down at such a 'young age' may sound crazy to a lot of people, but I am very much the settling down type. Though by the start of my 23rd year I felt like that wasn't slightly in sight.

24 feels different. I felt like I got everything out of my system while I was 23 and now I am ready to settle down. I have met the perfect girl, and I am currently looking for a place on my own (well, for both of us), and planning a marriage. I feel a bit older, but at the same time I don't feel like I am getting old. It may help that I haven't been to one of the student clubs for a while, where it always hits me that I am far too old to be there.

Anyway, my birthday was Sunday and it was a lot of fun. I woke up in the morning and went on web cam with Brandi, and opened the presents she had got me. She had wrote me a really nice letter, sent me two really nice tshirts (she has good style) and sent me an amazing framed picture of a Captain Vestman comic she had gotten made.

I then opened my presents from my family. They gave me much needed money, a binary watch (no programmer should be without), a Playstation game, a board game (which we later played that night), headphones (as I was walking around wearing a call-centre style headset before), a big bag of food and sweets, and other things.

Later in the afternoon we went for a family meal, where my nephews all wanted to sit by me (awh). We were going to go to Clent Hills after to fly my kite, but the weather didn't allow us.

All in all 24 shows a lot of potential and although I still plan on living forever, I haven't minded being a year older quite as much as last year.


  1. THIS comic...omg hahaha wow, wow, best present ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY buddy! Hope it was a great day

  2. I'm pretty sure that is the best comic ever. I love love love Brandi for that.

  3. Hey, you wanted to be engaged at 23 and you were :P

    That is the most amazing comic ever. I love it.

  4. And the bowl of noodles still to come!

    Sorry I missed it last week - didn't visit FB often enough to see it pop up.

  5. I hope you liked it! (The guy who drew it and who just found this post)