Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First Rubik's Cube Solved!

Last year Jon (my boss at Switch) brought in a Rubik's Cube. He was able to complete in in a pretty impressive time, regardless of how much I tried to scramble it. It reminded me of how I used to have Rubik's Cubes, and was never able to complete one.

I decided I shouldn't let it defeat me, and added it to my 100 things to do list. The day I added it to my list, this photo was taken:

With Jon's help I was able to get the bottom layer, and understand the concept of the next few layers. Over a year later, I finally completed my first cube! Now to learn to do it in under 2 minutes...


  1. a year?! i would get way to frustrated that it would probably become rubics cubeS.

    love, little.

  2. i BROKE my rubix cube in an attempt to solve it :P
    yaay! :D

  3. Way to go! I still can't finish a rubix cube. It's just too confusing for me.

  4. Twitter recommended that I follow you on twitter, but I prefer blogs :P so I followed the link.

    You are about a million steps ahead of me, rubicks cubes still terrify me (but I have various friends in different stages of them...crazy people).

    New random follower, intrigued by you 100+ list.