Monday, 6 June 2011

Brazil, Buzuis & Sao Paulo: My Memoirs, Part III

In March I went to Brazil. After an amazing time in the Amazon, we spent a few days in Buzious, before moving on to Rio De Janerio. We then stayed in Sao Paulo for a couple of nights ready for our flight home. I have combined the Buzious and Sao Paulo as they were short stays. Here are my memoirs.


- Wandering around Buzious, a beautiful 'beach paradise' town, and not being able to pronounce it the entire holiday.

- Waking up early to go and kayak in the Buzious sea.

- Walking from beach to beach by climbing along the rocks. Going for the one epic walk around the side, including a 4ft jump (up about 1ft) with a huge drop into rocks and rough sea. Then jumping on a cactus and getting needles deep in my foot.

- Trying to climb up the hill but the grass got higher than my head and I had to eventually turn around in fear of being bitten by a snake.

- Meeting two Israli guys and two Argentinian girls, and having a good night drinking in Buzious with them and talking to the Israli guy for a while about his opinion of Palestinians.

- Completing 80 on my 100 things to do list, build a big card tower.

- Nobody in the entire country realising that I didn't speak Portugese, so would instead just talk louder and faster. Now I know how it feels.

Sao Paulo

- Arriving in Sao Paulo, and after struggling with the language for nearly two weeks without any help, two people jumped to our aid to direct us around the unground, helping with tickets and stuff. Nice people.

- Thinking the one guy was possibly gay, but then he completely out of place put in that he has a girlfriend. I realised that he must think that WE were the gay ones, so I quickly, out of place, said that I had one too.

- Sao Paulo being ridiculously built up. Even the outskirts that we were in had huge towers every block.

- Going to an 'English Pub' (complete with a red phone box entrance) in Sao Paulo, that actually closed at 7. They have no idea about English Pubs.

- Having an Argentinian steak, and trying to explain how I wanted it cooked, using my fingers. It came out and was perfect, and a huge slab of meat.

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  1. Don't virtually punch me when I saw this, but you look a little like John Mayer. That's a good thing. Congrats on the Engagement. My boyfriend and I are supposed to get engaged at Christmas. I want DETAILS!