Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro: My Memoirs, Part II

In March I went to Brazil. After going to the Amazon we set off to Buzious for a couple of days before going to Rio De Janeiro, and onwards to Sao Paulo. Here are my memoirs.

- Getting to the train station and trying to find a bus to Copacabana. All the Brazilian people kept saying things in Portuguese and I couldn't understand where to go. A really nice guy selling lollipops, wearing a hat with a propeller on it helped me find which bus I needed.

- Finding the really, really cheap food place on arrival, and finding out it was actually nice. Especially the crazy black beans.

- Having a wander around Copacabana. Walking along the beach, then looking between two tall hotels and seeing the Christ The Redeemer statue towering above the city, between the clouds. Walking a bit further along and seeing some favellas between two hotels. Such amazing sights.

- Jogging along Copacabana beach to complete 7 on my 100 things to do list.

- Walking along the two main beaches hoping to get a better photo of the Favellas, which just seemed to be becoming a worse and worse photo.

- Going out with Gemma, Bruno and Jas, Irish bar. Taking the tube on the way, but everybody going on the wrong escalator, and trying to run back up to the top. After getting to the top I watched everyone looking like they were sprinting on the spot. Gemma got ahead of the crowd, but fell just before the top, and without giving up hope, tried crawling up the steps... then eventually giving up.

- Getting tickets, or 'commanders' in the bars, and the staff marking off what drink you've had, so you pay at the end. I was terrified of losing it.

- The Irish bar. Bruno turning crazy for a few moments and telling everyone we were going to get killed by the Brazilians. Andy buying me a shot, before I knew what was happening the bar staff were ringing a bell until I drank it. Talking to a guy in the toilets using my best Portuguese, as he nodded... only to later find out he was from New York and had no idea what I was doing.

- Doing capoiera with Bruno in the streets. That guy could move.

- Searching the streets at 4:30am looking for a burger.

- Going to see Christ the Redeemer. Getting there at 2pm, but having tickets for 5:30pm. Having a beautiful view of Rio lit up at night, then suddenly being hit by tiredness and being unable to do anything.

- Swimming in the sea and getting owned by every wave. Such big, strong waves!

- Going to the really good Samba club in Lapa. Being amazed at how many people are partying in the streets. Watching the musicians play, then having a bit of a dance.


  1. Wow. I would LOVE to go to Brazil. It looks like you had such a good time! I'm way jealous. =]

  2. those are some awesome adventures!

  3. Is that a... glowing Jesus!