Tuesday, 7 August 2012

30 Day Challenge: Photography, Week 3

Two weeks ago I started a photography 30 day challenge. Here are the pictures from the third week (and click for last weeks).

Day 16
We went for a little evening walk (in which we found another two Geocaches). 

Day 17

Orange Wednesday, and we finally got around to watching The Dark Knight Rises. Annoyingly, we got the last two tickets, which placed us seats A3 and A4 (the very front right).

Day 18

This is photo-worthy has I haven't been to bed that early in a long time. I won't lie, I got to the end of the day without taking a good picture. I was kind of clutching at straws.

Day 19

A Playstation Night with my nephews, the first in this new house. We walked around the area and showed them some Geocaches, and some of the parks and orchards (and then played on the computer).

Day 20

In the morning my family came over to pick the kids up, but also the have a picnic. It was really nice having everybody over, and the weather stayed well apart from a quick 'tropical storm'.

Day 21

The plants in our garden (that I nearly dug up thinking they were weeds - I'm a bad gardener) finally opened up. They smell really nice, however gay that sounds.


  1. I was told by a keen gardener that you should leave everything in your garden for a year - so you give it all a chance to flower so that you know what it is and whether or not you like it.

  2. I think my favourite this week is the one with Brandi and your nephews :)

    P.s. I'm stealing your 30-day photo challenge idea. Even though I was saying how I sit at home all day, I realized, if I'm going to be a good photographer, I need to be able to take good photos ANYWHERE.