Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Retiring of the 'Huntlands Boxers'

August 2012 will go down in memory as the month that the Huntlands Boxers were finally thrown away.

The Huntlands Boxers aren't just any pair of boxers. They were purchased from H&M during a manly shopping trip with Neil and Joe, where we all bought matching, though different coloured, boxer shorts. Collectively, we are known (to ourselves) as the Huntlands Boys.

The Huntlands Boys (sometimes written Huntlandz Boys, or Huntlands Boyz, or even Huntlandz Boyz, though each only by us) is a non-violent, non-gang collective of three of us who live on, or very near the Huntlands estate (most other people are middle-aged to retired people). We have no aims, nor beliefs, but we felt we deserved a name since each Friday after school we would go to each others house, play poker, and drink, and from those days we have a load of good memories.

The Huntlandz Boys gradually recruited other members, known as "Huntlandz Soldiers", Rhys "I never was a Huntladz Boy" Smith, and Leigh "There's a Blizzard Coming" Martin. 

The Huntlands Boys eventually created, and merged with the larger collective, OMGLAN, and enjoyed many years of Friday nights in playing games and drinking. Like all large groups (there was at least 8 of us), power struggles and inter-group politics get out of hand, and much like the Roman Empire, it weakens from within and eventually operates on a fraction of its former glory.

As for the Huntlands Boys, Joe moved to Birmingham and made new friends, Neil followed his work to London, and I moved to Worcester. Although we rarely get together now as a group (the recent attempt at a walk in Wales failed), we do have one final memory. One particularly hungover morning, we went into town to buy a Subway. Joe's aunt had spotted us, and not knowing it was us, had called Joe's mom to tell her that she had seen some "Suspicious looking youths, dressed in summer clothing", or SLYDISC, as we later called ourselves.

Like the fall of the Berlin Wall, or landing on the moon, throwing the Huntlands Boxers away is more of an iconic moment symbolising the final end of the Huntlands Boys, for the boxers, like the group, were full of holes.

One day the Huntlandz Boys may reunite.

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  1. I hope they reunite too although I don't think they've ever really broken apart. I remember the day we went to the Earls open day, the opening speech was quite touching, the teacher said that new friendships made at Earls may well last for the rest of their lives. Hopefully for at least you three, but also with the other good friends you made there, it will be true.