Thursday, 23 August 2012

omglan Dodgeball: The Comeback

Long time readers (just me) will know about omglan's legendary dodgeball team. One of my earliest posts was about our second Dodgeball tournament and it has been nearly two years since our last attempt.

Omglan.Dodgeball is one of the longest running UK dodgeball teams**, with one member, Damo, already inducted into the hall of fame. Damo helped omglan win their first, and only dodgeball round ever. Towards the end of 2011 he tragically died, to much upset from his many friends.

Omglan, a once highly funded team (£65 before we spent it on tournament entry and 3 bottles of Fanta) has came a long way... from the guys who literally didn't know how to play, to once being ranked 13th in the UK. From unknown team wearing black t-shirts, to dodgeball heroes.

... but, as noted above on the website of one of UKs highest ranked teams - Leicester Ligers, we are still yet to win a game.

For this reason, omglan have decided to enter another tournament, located in Coventry, on October 14th. With some new recruits (who also have no idea how to play) we are half determined to win a round, but fully expect not to. After all, we have limited resources, and most of them will go towards finding a kit instead of training.

Expect more of this...

And this...

** May not be true


  1. I love watching your Dodgeball, we will be there supporting you again. xx