Monday, 13 August 2012

30 Day Challenge: Photography, Week 4

The 30 day photo challenge is finally complete.

Three weeks ago I started a photography 30 day challenge. Here are the pictures from the third week (and here is last weeks, and the week before).

Day 22
My family came over to Worcester and we went to the park for a picnic.

Day 23
The flowers that I once thought were weeds finally bloomed, and were very pretty, and smell really nice.

Day 24
With the garden taking shape, we decided to try and get rid of all the weeds in the grass. A much bigger job than I originally thought!

Day 25
The car ran out of oil. Here is me being manly.

Day 26
A hot air balloon I saw in the distance during a walk.

Day 27
While going for a walk alone (I was in a mood) I took a nice eerie-park picture.

Day 28
I haven't seen Ollie in a long time. He has been walking from John O'Groats to Land's End, carrying 20kg of water. Along the 1000 mile route he stopped in Birmingham to give out leaflets.

Day 29
I picked some flowers out of the garden for Brandi, into this mini bouquet. In the evening we saw 4 shooting stars during a meteor shower where we lay in a field. There are no pictures of that as they are hard to capture.

Day 30
I joined Ollie in Bristol for part of the walk, wearing a morph suit.

Even though it is literally just taking photos, I found the challenge pretty hard. I would realise quite late that I hadn't taken a photo, and would have to try and find something.

I have enjoyed doing it though. It has made me go on walks a lot more to try and find something nice to photograph. I found myself starting to look at things differently, seeing the beauty in things to try and find a good photograph. I also like that when I look back to this month I'll remember exactly what I did during the start of the summer.

I plan to start another soon, but I am not sure what on. It will either be programming, or Spanish.

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  1. Walking from Lands End to John O'Groats is on my To Do List - not carrying that much water though! Well done to Ollie and to you for completing your challenge