Tuesday, 31 July 2012

30 Day Challenge: Photography, Week 2

Last week I started a photography 30 day challenge. Here are the pictures from the second week.

Day 8
We had our house-warming party/birthday BBQ. This was the first time all our friends saw the house. It was a lot of fun. We played football over the road, and went out into Worcester. 

Day 9
While recovering from the party the night before, we had a walk through the woods and nearby park with Neil. Along the way I took a picture of one of the rare English Longhorn cows.

Day 10
Me and Brandi walked further out of the estate and over to the farm land. There were a load of good pictures from the day, and it was hard to chose a favourite. One field we walked through had a load of cows, and they all came running over at once and stood in a semi-circle around us.

Day 11
I spent most of the day sorting through a big spindle of disks I've had lying around for years. I found some really, really old pictures and it all felt very nostalgic. I'll probably be making some posts based on them soon.

Day 12
We went on a 'mini stag' party, a few days before my sisters wedding. We went to laser quest, and it was really fun. The kids were pretty damn accurate.

 Day 13
After finally finishing my Geocaching item on the 100 things to do list, we placed our Geocache to commemorate it.

Day 14
We went into the middle of Birmingham to watch the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony. It was a good atmosphere, with a load of people sitting on the stairs by the fountain watching it.

Day 15
We spent most of the day tidying the house getting ready for Brandi's friends from Vancouver, who have been travelling for 12 months, to stay with us. We put up our Team GB decorations at the front.


  1. Like your photo challenge - the thing about the cows reminded me of when I used to walk the dogs through a field in Headley. Those damn things always came around and it scared me and the dogs. Sean said to wave my arms around (like a helicopter) and shout - that should send them off. And so I tried that ... it didn't work. They became even more interested.

  2. If my life wasn't so boring, I'd do something like this. But I don't get out from the house much these days.

    Love the CD picture :)