Thursday, 1 March 2012

81) Explore 10 derelict buildings: Part 2, In Rodopi Mountains

I have kind of been struggling to cross this off the list. I occasionally find abandoned buildings, but people I am with never want to go in. I am then quite easily deterred, as for some reason I find them overly creepy. Even smaller ones, where it is clear there is nobody there, I get apprehensive going in.

When I went to Newport towers (first for a photoshoot, then with Neil) I had somebody else who was eager to go in, but that seems to be rare.

Anyway. In my recent trip to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, we took a train out to Asenovgrad, and then a taxi to Bachkovo. After visiting the monastery we walked up the mountains. Along the way there were some abandoned buildings. I couldn't quite figure out what they were from the outside. Most of the windows were closed with bricks, but one was open.

I wanted to go in, but my friends wouldn't stop so we continued.

On the way back down the mountain I decided I wanted to go in. I climbed over the open window, and Mike followed me in.

The inside was empty, with rows of rooms with nothing but big windows and a glass door. I have no idea what they were supposed to be. The first room just had some pants and a condom (can't imagine how that combination came together). The second room just had some litter.

I wanted to look in the other rooms, and perhaps go upstairs, but I sensed my friends were getting impatient outside (judging by the snowballs constantly hitting the windows), so we took a few photos and left.

I may not have completely explored it, but the rooms were all very similar... so I'm counting it!


  1. That looks like a fantastic scene for some sort of severance-related-horror-film.
    I really enjoyed the post, and your blog has given me inspiration to maybe even start my own "100 things" list. Although, most likely at a later age. When I've actually had time to think of 100 things I'd love to do.
    Much respect.

  2. So I guess I should have gone into the disused water station with you rather than dissuade you from going in - but it was very close to someone's house and there were several signs warning of prosecution.........

  3. Hi from Bulgaria! After 2 days of thinking, I can suggest this is a hotel-like building before '89 year. My friend Rosi here thinks it was supposed to be some kind of an administrative building.
    Good luck, Andy and if we can help with some of the other missions, please let us know! :)