Friday, 30 March 2012

81) Explore 10 derelict buildings: Part 3, near Tallinn Estonia

When me and Brandi were in Tallinn, Estonia, we went on a day trip that visited a few different sites. One of them was an abandoned Soviet submarine base.

I'm not entirely sure 'base' is the correct word, but we were told that it's function was to reset the magnetic signature of the submarines, so that they wouldn't show on radar or set off mines (or something along those lines). Apparently the submarines would travel through coils that would do this, before heading off towards the west.

 Walking along it was weird. It felt so Soviet and empty. That is about the extent I can describe things. There was also a shoe.

It was made up of lots of smaller buildings, all completely wrecked inside and graffitied. It felt like at any time I could slip and fall into the sea (which was full of jellyfish).

There were two other unattached platforms. Not quite sure how the people managed to jump that far.

Inside one of the buildings there was yet more graffiti. I couldn't at all picture the building being used. I couldn't see what function the areas had.

Above the one door there was some Soviet propaganda. I was told the hammer and sickle had been removed to just leave the flag. 


  1. ( fun fact: totally posted this in the wrong post)

    Those places look really cool. It reminds me of when I took an "illegal" trip through an old abandoned colony. All the buildings are covered in graffiti and it is really just like an abandoned town where the poor, sick, and mentally handicapped used to live. So cool.

  2. "Hara Submarine Base" -